What Can a Loss Adjuster Do For Me?

business-peopleHave you recently suffered from a fire or flood and it has inflicted damage on your property? Public Loss Adjusters are here to help YOU gain every penny you are entitled to.
Public Loss Adjusters understand that when a fire or flood causes damage to your home or business, it can have a devastating effect on your life and restoring your property back to its pre-loss condition is their number one priority.

Process Of Getting A Loss Adjuster

After a fire has happened, your property may be in an unlivable condition and you may need temporary accommodation until repairs on your home are finished. If your policy covers substitute accommodation, we can help arrange someplace for you to stay. If you are not covered then we can fine comb the small print to find precisely what you are eligible to. Flood and water damage can destroy a whole property as well as its insides rendering your properties unusable. It can be a massive shock to your system and a huge affliction to overcome. The order of events during a flood is intricate and can harm the very fabric of your property, this most certainly will involve a great scale clean-up process before any restoration work is even considered. After this process, Public Loss Adjusters can offer you their renowned restoration company partner, DriTech, who will restore your property back to its original condition. During all of this, Public Loss Adjusters can evaluate the damage, and look over your contract with your insurer to see if there is any way to get more money for the damage that you were originally quoted; remember, Public Loss Adjusters work for YOU, and not the insurer.

Loss Adjuster Affair

Recently, Eleanor Olivier’s Urban Spa Retreat in Richmond went up in a blaze. Her insurance company hindered her claims for several months instigating her to lose all but one of her employees and also stopping her from starting the reconstruction of her company. Olivier’s is not the first small business to be threatened by late-paying insurers. The issue of postponements when dealing with an insurance claim is a threat to Britain’s enterprises. Loss Adjusters can prevent situations like this from happening and always put their client first.

Did you know that when you submit a claim to your insurer you have the right to employ an independent loss adjuster compared to one chosen and paid for by them? Most policy holders are not aware that they have the right to the same professional advice. The only issue is who pays for this vital service. What if you could have an independent loss adjuster working on your behalf minus the cost? Public Loss Adjusters offer a free loss adjusting service provided to you on an unbiased and neutral basis. Rather than your insurers loss accessor deciding the result of your settlement, wouldn’t you prefer the outcome to be assessed independently, ensuring your interests are put first?

Call Public Loss Adjusters free today on 08000 434 999 or 0333 7333 999 if on mobile. For more information, visit their website at https://www.publiclossadjusters.com/. There’s no harm in enquiring and you could be owed more than you think.

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