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Public Loss Adjusters Ireland – Professional Claims Management Experts

Has a fire or flood damaged your property in Ireland recently? Do you require professional loss adjusters that have decades of combined experience dealing with insurance property damage claims? If you are fully insured for property damages, then Public Loss Adjusters are the people
you need.

Our new office that is opening in Ireland is being built so that we can offer you our renowned service in the Republic of Ireland as well as our UK offices.

So you know about our new office in Ireland, however do you know the alternative that we can offer you? Public Loss Adjusters Ireland offer you a full and responsive service that works for you, instead of an appointed loss adjuster that the insurance companies employ for their own benefits.

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland will take care of every step of the loss adjusting process for you and relieve you of all the stresses that coincides with submitting an insurance property damage claim.

Moreover, if you decide to use us to manage your claim proceedings, the specialist claims handlers at Public Loss Adjusters Ireland will perform a thorough and knowledge backed read through of your whole policy, including its long winded terms and conditions and small prints.

When we are fully examining your insured policy, we will use our expertise to look for specific sections of your policy that are necessary for a successful claim, however there is four points that are absolutely crucial;

  • That all items that are necessary to be included in the claim documentation have been, and have been inserted in the correct manner and format.
  • That the policy terms and conditions cover the cost of all fees and repairs that are needed to settle your claim.
  • That the specific type of property damage occurring is actually covered by the policy that you obtain.
  • That the amount of money being suggested by you the claimer and the insurance company for the final settlement is fair and accurate.

The four above points are paramount for us to ensure that you receive your full settled entitlement, and if they are not included problems could occur.

Conclusively, our professional claims handlers at are the people you need if you want industry experts on your side. We will use every inch of our expertise to ensure that you receive the best and fair end settlement for your property damage.