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Try The PLA Alternative With Our Free Independent Loss Adjusters

When your home or business suffer from the effects of a fire or flood maybe it is time to call the insurance company to start the process of getting things back to normal. That is what the average person would do but now there is a much better alternative. With Independent loss adjusters you can now take control of your insurance claim or better still let us do it for you for free.

We Are Independent Loss Adjusters

Did you know that your insurance provider employ loss adjusters to assess any damage that may have been caused to your property? They will pay for these services to evaluate how much they need to pay out on the insurance claim.
The Loss adjuster is in their pockets! Now that is not right is it? How can you know that you are receiving the best entitlement when it is done this way?

Did you also know that loss adjusters working on behalf of your insurer are not regulated like a chartered loss adjuster has to be? Public Loss Adjusters are one of the only loss adjusting firms in the UK that do not take instructions from insurers. PLA work for you, aiming to get you a better settlement than what you would if you just let your insurer handle the claim themselves.

Most people do not pursue the route of hiring an independent loss adjusting company because they have to pay for it. PLA are different as they can offer their services to you at no cost. All they ask is that you allow them to appoint a building company to undertake any repair work.

By doing this they will ensure that all restoration work carried out is fully guaranteed for 2 years and completed by fully trained and competent tradesmen. The building companies that AMPM recommend are not just your average local builders, they deal with restoration work on a daily basis. This is also a service that does not cost you anything as it is down to the insurance company to pay for it.

AMPM are well known to have any damage to you property repaired in a fraction of the time it takes your insurer to deal with it.

Visit their website to learn more about The PLA Alternative or call their 24 hour helpline.

AMPM Public Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters Are Here To Work On Your Behalf

PLA are a group of nationwide Chartered Loss Adjusters. They are insurance claims management specialists who work for you rather than the insurance company. So what does this mean to you?

Well let’s say that your property has suffered from a fire, flood of any other type on indecent? Now normally you get in touch with your insurance company and report it to them in order to start your claim. You insurance company would then send hire a loss adjuster at their own expense to assess the damage.

The loss adjuster would then report back to the insurance company who would then decide how much your claim is worth. As the insurance company is paying for the loss adjuster this could be seen as then protecting their own interests.

Now what if you could employ an independent loss adjuster yourself at no cost to you? PLA offer a free loss adjusting service when you agree to use one of their preferred restoration specialists. By now you have probably guessed that you do not use who your insurance company appoints but many people have the problem of not being able to afford this. Now the problem is solved.

So why would you want an independent loss assessor dealing with your claim? Well wouldn’t you want someone on your side protecting your interest instead of your insurance company? Public Loss Adjusters are known to help insurance claims get settled in a much shorter timescale than dealing directly with the insurer.

Our loss adjusters are highly experienced to make sure that all damage is identified first time so you don’t have any nasty surprises. Obviously we cannot state that you would receive a better pay-out by using Public Loss Adjusters but what we can say is that would you prefer having someone on your behalf instead of your insurance company?

Visit Public Loss Adjusters for more info: www.publiclossadjusters.com
Public Loss Adjusters Group

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Dritech – The UK’s Local Flood Restoration Company

Dritech are a specialist flood restoration company that operate nationally. They are experts when it comes to water damaged properties and have first-hand experience in dealing with the aftermath. Their full trained technicians have a wealth of experience when it comes to repairing homes that have been impacted by a flood or a water leak.

One of the main problems that comes with climate change is how the weather has become so unpredictable. Over the past few years there has been a large rise in the amount of floods that occur due to bursts of heavy rain. Homeowners are finding the need to take out insurance to protect themselves just in case their property is impacted by flood damage.
The immediate effects of flood damage can be devastating but unfortunately the visible damage is just the beginning. There will always be secondary damage such as the areas of your property that are not immediately visible such as what is going on under the floorboards and wall cavities. Flood damage can also destroy the electrical wiring within the walls. After water has subsided there is a huge health risk due to mould and dry rot.

Dritech are the answer to all your flood restoration needs from start to finish. Their flood damage repair helpline is on hand 24 hours a day if you need them. When you get in touch with Dritech not only can they repair the damage cause by water, they can also help you through the insurance claims process.

Dritech work major loss adjusting companies that work to make sure the insurer settles the claim in a fair way to the claimant. Dritech can also pay an independent loss adjuster with no charge to you when you use their services and are fully insured.

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