Joinery Services

Joinery services and local Joiners

Do you require joinery services to your property, or do you just want some new wooden fixtures? Perhaps you want a new bespoke external or internal door? Or maybe you just have initial ideas that you want to become a reality.

Professional joiners should be able to create or recreate anything in terms of wooden items, and if not exactly the same, they should be able to design something very similar.

The main services of a joiner are;

  • Joining pieces of wooden fixtures together, such as the inner piece of a door to its outer frame.
  • Designing and building new items of wooden furniture, such as wardrobes, cupboards, windows and staircases.
  • Carving and alterations on wooden items and furniture, to sort customer needs and expectations.

Joinery is wide and vast industry and covers many different types of skills; furniture and cabinet making, boat building experts, shop-fitters and installers through the use of wooden fittings, structural and beam (timber fittings), heavy wheelwrights, wood carving specialists and wood turners.

Joinery work is generally made bespoke and therefore it is built to suit your specific requirements; for your ideal size, shape and just to meet your intended design.

When choosing a professional joiner or carpenter, make sure you do thorough research into
the individual and the company they work for, and also companies they have worked for in the past. This research will show you whether or not, they have been blacklisted in the past for unsatisfactory work.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the customer service results of the Joiner are good, for example customer testimonials are a good indication of quality of finished work. This is because customer won’t lie, and therefore anything said will be more or less always trustworthy information.

Finally, when looking to employ a trades person, for joinery services at your property, qualifications such as City and Guilds for joinery and carpentry and CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), are excellent indications of people who will perform excellent work at your property.

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