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Possibly The Best Hairdressers in Blackpool?

Are you in need of professional hair care?

Totally clips is an amazing hairdressers in Blackpool that comes with some fantastic offers! Get the latest hair care including cuts styles and colours.

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Hairdressers in Blackpool

If you’re also feeling in need of a tan, we have a brilliant spray tan service to get you looking gorgeous for the summer! From a small trim, to a completely new style, totally clips can help you today!

Totally Clips is also offering new customers a loyalty card. This gives you 25% of ALL of our brilliant salon services every time you visit.

Whether you have short, medium or long locks, we can help you look fabulous! Our friendly and professional team have over 25 years of experience. We have fully trained and qualified hairdressers who have the experienced skills that can give you what you need!

Our team provide brilliant services including:

  • Men’s Haircuts
  • Full & Half Head Colouring
  • Cut & Blow Dry
  • Permanent Waves
  • Spray Tanning
  • Re-Growth Tints
  • T Section Highlights
  • GHD Hair Curls
  • Latest Hair Styles


There are many places to go for a hairdressers in Blackpool, but here we offer cheap offers at low and affordable prices. We can get not only your hair, but YOU looking gorgeous and healthy. Get thinking of how you would like your brand new makeover to be like. Get the most recent hair tricks and styling tips from our welcoming and helpful team. Be part of the action and join our long list of loyal customers now! You can see for yourself of how our amazing hairdressers’ talents can be put to good use for you.

We cater for both ladies and gents

Totally Clips Hair Salon

So why not come and visit our amazing hairdressers in Blackpool today? You can feel A Million Dollars!

Totally Clips

42 Ansdell Road




Call Now: 01253 763 355

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Local SEO and Web Design

Local SEO and Web Design Blackpool

Web We Do

Web We Do are a professional Web Design and SEO company based in Blackpool. With clients all over the UK, they offer affordable and expert services to enhance your company’s online presence.

There are 2 basic fundamental rules that Web We Do believe in that will always lead to your website becoming a success in any online market:

  • You should have always have a professional looking website where you can showcase that you are the perfect choice.
  • When a potential customer is searching online for a service or product that you offer, then you should be easy to find.

Think about it this way, what is the point of having the greatest looking website in the world if nobody finds you? On the other hand you may be on the first page of Google and have a website that doesn’t have the professional look that customers would expect from a business as good as yours.

Web We Do are experts in local SEO and offer a fantastic range of SEO packages. One of which is their monthly SEO plan which works on 2 fronts. First of all the look at the content of your website and evaluate just how relevant it is to any keywords you may be targeting to bring visitors to your website.

Once the keywords your company want to target have been identified, Web We Do can make recommendations on how to enable your site to be more search engine friendly without over doing it. You will receive a full SEO report which will outline all changes that need implementing. Otherwise you can allow Web We Do to make the changes themselves on your behalf.

The second stage of their SEO package is to build links to your websites.  With recent updates from Google over recent years, Web We Do are very careful in the types of links they build and mostly include links from web pages that are relevant to your website.

Web We Do can also set up social media pages which can not only be good for SEO but also have the ability to send visitors to your website too.

As for designing websites, Web We Do work for both local and nationwide companies and believe that no matter how big or small your business is you should all receive the same quality of service.

Web We Do can design a website based on YOUR Needs. To find out more about Blackpool Web design visit their website:

Blackpool Web Design and SEO

After The UK’s Recent Flooding Who Are The Winners And Losers?

During the winter of 2013 – 2014 there has been an unprecedented amount of rain which has caused a huge amount of flooding in the UK. The water levels have started to subside and we can now start to assess the impact from the resulting flood damage that has occurred. Although many property owners and insurance companies could be set to lose out there are also a few that will benefit from the recent flooding.

Who are the winners and who looses out from the recent floods in the UK?

Property Owners and Tenants

One of the largest groups to lose out those whose homes and businesses have been damaged. With thousands of properties in need of repair, insurers are estimating an average between £30,000 and £40,000 for restoration costs per each property.

Many homes were evacuated including properties which in the end actually escaped and flood damage. Residents had to find alternative accommodation, many of which had to be payed for out of their own pockets in the hope of claiming back through their insurers.

As well as extra financial costs flood victims have had to bear, there are the losses they have endured in time and effort.


Result: Losers

Builders and Local Tradesmen

Will local restoration companies like Probuild Contractors Network benefit?It goes without saying that building companies will be one of the main beneficiaries. The aftermath of the floods will boost the demand for Flood Restoration Companies and other types of local tradesmen including plasterers, joiners etc.

It will also provide a boost to the economy for many retailers as damaged furnishings and appliances will need to be replaced. As well as the flooding, storms would have caused damage to buildings, resulting in roofs needing repairing and fencing in need of replacing.

Result: Winners

Power Companies

Flooding and storm damage had left many properties without power. This has led to many consumers becoming entitled to claim compensation from their suppliers. Power companies have also had to employ extra staff to restore power as well as the costs to replace damaged infrastructure.

The Energy Network Association have reported that during Christmas alone, there were 750,000 homes suffered from power cuts. Water companies have also had to endure problems with flooded sewers and water contamination.

Result: Losers

Insurance Companies

Over the next few months we should see some figures starting to come out from the insurance companies as to how much the recent flood damage has cost them so far. The Government has already summonsed many of the big insurance companies to Downing Street to encourage them to settle claims in the shortest time possible.

Insurance companies are businesses themselves, who are under pressure to return a profit. Shortfalls can be achieved by either increasing the costs of home insurance policies or by damage limitation in the amount of money they pay out in settlements to policy holders who have suffered from flood damage.

As reported by The Sunday Times recently, insurers are already looking to save costs by refusing to validate insurance claims where groundwater flooding has been a factor in damage to properties.

As a result, many policy holders are now reaching out to their local MP’s, insurance regulators and independent loss adjusting companies for help in a bid to overturn these underhand tactics implemented by their insurers.

After the UK flooding in 2007 insurance companies paid out around £3bn and in 2012 flood damage cost insurers £4bn, many homeowners will be worrying about how much their home insurance premiums will increase by when their policies are up for renewal.

Result: Could go either way!


Flooding has affected already struggling farmers who have had crops destroyed. For those farmers who have been unaffected this could actually help them as they may be able to demand a higher price for their produce.

Not only that the disruption caused to transport has interrupted the supply chain making it difficult to deliver food and bedding to livestock.

Result: Some win and some lose

Property Been Damaged by the UK’s Recent Floods This Winter and Need Help?

Probuild Contractors Network are a dedicated flood restoration company with local experts based in all areas of the UK:

AMPM are one on the United Kingdoms only Independent Loss Adjusting Companies. They offer free flood insurance claim help and advice and in most cases a free loss adjusting service. One of the main benefits of using the services of AMPM is that they work on your behalf rather than your insure: