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Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Blackpool? Here at Willow Photography, we only offer the best photography for your wedding. The photographer for Willow Photography, Paul Norton, has lived in Blackpool and the Fylde area all his life so he knows where all the best scenery is in which to take the best photos. He has been doing photography for the majority of his life – he has always had a passion for it since a very young age and took it as a very serious hobby.

Because he has a vast experience in photography you can be certain that he only takes the most prestigious of photos to make sure your special day is remembered at the highest quality. If you have any questions about his business, then please visit his website at or please do not hesitate to call him on 07737179017.

About Willow Photography

Willow Photography have become proficient in the development of films and also the printing process in the darkrooms, they have been doing this for over 30 years. Willow Photography only use the latest software such as ‘Lightroom’ and ‘Photoshop’, to make sure that your photos are the best that can be produced. Paul Norton has over 25 years of professional experience so you can be certain that the pictures he takes are going to be of the highest of quality.

He is mainly based in Blackpool but he will reach out to most of Lancashire to make sure he captures your special day. He always puts 100% into every picture that he takes because he knows how special they are to you, as your wedding is one of the most significant days of your life. So if you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Blackpool at an affordable price, then Willow Photography is the perfect business to hire.

Fire Restoration | DriTech


DriTech are a national network of building contractors. They are spread all across Great Britain and have helped millions of people nationwide with their insurance claims process and repairs. When hiring DriTech to see out your flood or fire restoration you will receive free loss adjusting from one of our allies in this business – Public Loss restoration

Together, DriTech and Public Loss Adjusters make the claims process and repairs as easy as possible for you. PLA talk directly with your insurers for you to take the stress and hassle off your shoulders. This is also to make sure the claim process is dealt with as quickly as possible. This means that DriTech can start restoration work as soon as possible, allowing you to return back to your pre-loss home. If you have questions about DriTech Flood and Fire Restoration, then please visit our website at or call us on 0800 865 4999.

Fire Restoration

DriTech know that when your home has been damaged, it can be very unsettling and stressful for you – this is why we try and make it as easy as possible for you. Fire restoration can be extremely complex, which is why we recommend hiring us instead of just a local builder. Our contractors are completely trained and qualified to deal with these types of situations.

Fire restoration can be extremely complicated because it’s not just the fire and smoke that causes the damage. Heat damage can be a major factor, as it can melt electrical components in your house and run the risk of another potential fire. There is also the water that the fire brigade use to put the fire out. It can dampen the structure of the house and the types of chemicals that the fire brigade use can enter the building structure along with particles smoke. When this happens, the section of the structure damaged by this has to be fixed or even replaced.

Want Out Of Timeshare Contracts? | Timeshare Release

Timeshares were very popular a few decades ago, but now, problems are arising and people are rushing to pass on their timeshare. Timeshare Release companies can help you do this due to it being very hard to do on your own without any help.

Timeshares are a type of possession. Typically, abroad, you will co-own an apartment that you will be able to use for a certain amount of weeks every year as others will do the same. What also comes along with timeshares, are maintenance fees which have been known to increase every year. Furthermore, if these fees are unable to be paid, legal action will be taken against you. Owning an apartment abroad is a dream for the majority of people, but timeshares is not the way to do it as it is now going from a dream, to a nightmare. Problems weren’t noticed years ago as the economy was booming so people could afford to pay the fees, but over the years as it has slowly got worse, people have been wanting to get rid of their timeshares to have that little bit extra money but it is proving hard to get away from them due to being tied down in the contracts. Most timeshare companies even refuse to take them back, even when offered for free. People have resorted the internet in forums to try and dispossess their timeshares but is showing to be unsuccessful. This is why timeshare release companies are needed.

timeshare-releaseTimeshare Release Companies Can Help You

Timeshare Release companies, such as TheOnlyWayOut, will review the terms of your contract, and look over it to see if there is a way to get you out of your contract. They have dealt with many situations, similar to yours, in the past and are eager to help you as they know how much of a burden it is.

Why not stop these reoccurring payments every year once and for all?

Visit TheOnlyWayOut today at

What Can a Loss Adjuster Do For Me?

Have you recently suffered from a fire or flood and it has inflicted damage to your property? Public Loss Adjusters are here to help YOU gain every penny you are entitled to.
Public Loss Adjusters understand that when a fire or flood causes damage to your home or business, it can have a devastating effect on your life and restoring your property back to its pre-loss condition is their number one priority.

Process Of Getting A Loss Adjuster

After a fire has happened, your property may be in an unliveable condition and you may need temporary accommodation until repairs on your home are finished. If your policy covers substitute accommodation, we can help arrange someplace for you to stay. If you are not covered then we can fine comb the small print to find precisely what you are eligible to. Flood and water damage can destroy a whole property as well as its insides rendering your properties unusable. It can be a massive shock to your system and a huge affliction to overcome. The order of events during a flood is intricate and can harm the very fabric of your property, this most certainly will involve a great scale clean-up process before any restoration work is even considered. After this process, Public Loss Adjusters can offer you their renowned restoration company partner, DriTech, who will restore your property back to its original condition. During all of this, Public Loss Adjusters can evaluate the damage, and look over your contract with your insurer to see if there is any way to get more money for the damage that you were originally quoted; remember, Public Loss Adjusters work for YOU, and not the insurer.

Loss Adjuster Affair

Recently, Eleanor Olivier’s Urban Spa Retreat in Richmond went up in a blaze. Her insurance company hindered her claims for several months instigating her to lose all but one of her employees and also stopping her from starting the reconstruction of her company. Olivier’s is not the first small business to be threatened by late-paying insurers. The issue of postponements when dealing with an insurance claim is a threat to Britain’s enterprises. Loss Adjusters can prevent situations like this from happening and always put their client first.

Did you know that when you submit a claim to your insurer you have the right to employ an independent loss adjuster compared to one chosen and paid for by them? Most policy holders are not aware that they have the right to the same professional advice. The only issue is who pays for this vital service. What if you could have an independent loss adjuster working on your behalf minus the cost? Public Loss Adjusters offer a free loss adjusting service provided to you on an unbiased and neutral basis. Rather than your insurers loss accessor deciding the result of your settlement, wouldn’t you prefer the outcome to be assessed independently, ensuring your interests are put first?

Call Public Loss Adjusters free today on 08000 434 999 or 0333 7333 999 if on mobile. For more information, visit their website at There’s no harm in enquiring and you could be owed more than you think.

La Tour Hotel Blackpool

La Tour Hotel BlackpoolThe La Tour Hotel Blackpool is a family run business where each and every guest is put first. Situated in the centre of Blackpool, the hotel is only a short distance walk to world-famous quality attractions, such as the Tower, Winter Gardens, the Grand Theatre, the seaside, a shopping centre, and lots of different pubs and restaurants to suit every taste and diet.

Blackpool has many spectacular events throughout the whole year for you to visit when you like, such as shows, performances and full days out. The hotel can even arrange group bookings for any of these events, such as dancers, pigeon fanciers, magicians convention, Grand National weekend and much more.

Proud to be a traditional seaside hotel, the La Tour Hotel Blackpool always provide a warm and friendly approach to each and every customer, without fail. They even offer a full English breakfast to start your day of adventures off! All diets are catered for, so you can be sure that there is something on the menu no matter what you like.

Rooms are provided at extremely competitive prices where you can choose between single, twin, double or family rooms. There are also different tariff’s to suit your needs – room only, bed and breakfast, and bed, breakfast and evening meal.

Tea and coffee making facilities are provided in all rooms and each room has an en-suite shower room, too. Flat screen coloured TV’s are in each room, allowing you to relax and unwind after a busy day of hitting the town and enjoying what Blackpool has to offer.

Visit our site at for more information or call us on 01253 624888 to book a room today. Don’t hesitate, book now to avoid disappointment – we guarantee a fun and happy stay! We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Find Painters And Decorators Near You

Elite Trades knows how important it is to decorate your home in order to reflect your personality or to allow your business to follow new trends in terms of painting and decorating your property. If you fancy a change or an upgrade, we can help you find the best painters and decorators in your local area. We have many different painters and decorators who are eager to take on any project, no matter how big or small they may be.

What Do Painters and Decorators Do?

Painters and decorators use a variety of coverings to enhance and protect surfaces. These surfaces may include plaster, metal and wood. To be a painter and decorators, you should have good practical and creative abilities. You will need to be able to work carefully and pay close attention to detail. Sometimes you’ll need a good head for heights in some situations.

We only list three painters and decorators companies for each location to save you the time from browsing through lots of different companies to try and find the best one. The companies listed on our site are suitable for both domestic and commercial property projects, so you can be assured that no matter what your wants and needs may be, there is always a professional in your local area who can help you to turn your dream into a reality.

With local businesses specialising in both interior and exterior decoration, such as wallpapering and flooring, you are sure to find an expert who has everything you need. If you need a change but aren’t too sure what kind of decoration you would like, contact a professional from our directory today who can give you some advice on which ideas may suite your home the best.

At Elite Trades, all of the professionals listed have had many years of experience in the industry and they are able to make your home look as fresh and personal as you would like it to. All of them have even been approved by us, so you are guaranteed to find nothing but the best. Browse through our site to find local painters and decorators who are happy and ready to help with your domestic or commercial needs today.

Visit today to find your perfect tradesman.

Find A Builder Near Your Local Area

Are you looking for a local builder near you? With Elite Trades, you can find a builder who can perform all the necessary tasks you need in your property, no matter how big or small they may seem. Our business directory makes it even easier to find a local tradesmen who suits your need. All you need to do is search for your location and pick which category of trade you would like – we will do the rest.

We only show two businesses for each local area in each specific trade to ensure that you can find the right company for you. By doing this, you won’t be overwhelmed by too many companies who may not be the best for you yet they are competing with each other for your custom.

We always make sure that every business we feature and list on our directory deliver the service in which they promise. Our review system even reflects on this as the reviews for local businesses are provided to us by customers exactly like you. Elite Trades has over 200 local areas on the site, so you can be guaranteed that you will find the right business for you no matter where you live in the UK.

If you are planning to extend your property, you will need some help from a professional local builder. You may even have other smaller jobs which may need performing? Whatever it may be, we know how important it is to find a tradesmen who won’t let you down. This is exactly why we only invite the best builders to advertise with us. These must be proven to be trustworthy, reliable and consistent. We list only the best recommended businesses to ensure that you find a builder who provides the best service available in terms of high quality, long lasting building work.

Visit today to find your perfect tradesman.

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland – Professional Claims Management Experts

Has a fire or flood damaged your property in Ireland recently? Do you require professional loss adjusters that have decades of combined experience dealing with insurance property damage claims? If you are fully insured for property damages, then Public Loss Adjusters are the people
you need.

Our new office that is opening in Ireland is being built so that we can offer you our renowned service in the Republic of Ireland as well as our UK offices.

So you know about our new office in Ireland, however do you know the alternative that we can offer you? Public Loss Adjusters Ireland offer you a full and responsive service that works for you, instead of an appointed loss adjuster that the insurance companies employ for their own benefits.

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland will take care of every step of the loss adjusting process for you and relieve you of all the stresses that coincides with submitting an insurance property damage claim.

Moreover, if you decide to use us to manage your claim proceedings, the specialist claims handlers at Public Loss Adjusters Ireland will perform a thorough and knowledge backed read through of your whole policy, including its long winded terms and conditions and small prints.

When we are fully examining your insured policy, we will use our expertise to look for specific sections of your policy that are necessary for a successful claim, however there is four points that are absolutely crucial;

  • That all items that are necessary to be included in the claim documentation have been, and have been inserted in the correct manner and format.
  • That the policy terms and conditions cover the cost of all fees and repairs that are needed to settle your claim.
  • That the specific type of property damage occurring is actually covered by the policy that you obtain.
  • That the amount of money being suggested by you the claimer and the insurance company for the final settlement is fair and accurate.

The four above points are paramount for us to ensure that you receive your full settled entitlement, and if they are not included problems could occur.

Conclusively, our professional claims handlers at are the people you need if you want industry experts on your side. We will use every inch of our expertise to ensure that you receive the best and fair end settlement for your property damage.

Willow Photography Blackpool Photographer

Willow Photographic is a well-established photography business ran by Paul. Paul has lived in the Lancashire area all his life and has worked in photography business for over
25 years, this Blackpool photographer works tirelessly to get your photos looking there best on your special day.

Paul work in the Blackpool area but will also cover the Blackburn, Lancaster, Cheshire and York area if required. Willow Photographic puts 100% in to all his work and takes pride in getting your photographs as perfect as they can be.

Willow Photographic has been working in the wedding photography business for over 25 years due to this Paul has picked up some fantastic techniques that has stood him out from the crowd, due to him using sate of the art photography equipment and industry standard software he can make your photographs something you want to show off to everyone.

With affordable wedding photography prices and fantastic photography services you can’t go wrong Paul has built up a great client base with people recommending him on to friends and family on a regular basis Paul’s professional photographer prices start from £150.

Paul specialises in Wedding Photography as he loves to capture those precious moments between the bride and groom on their special day. Capturing the
moment that the bride, groom and their guests may have missed whilst all the fun, laughter and emotions were being thrown around. Paul will be with your when you wake up through to the wedding and after party so he will be sure to catch every fantastic memory.

Paul can make up professional wedding albums and professional wedding photo books so you can keep and replay those precious memories for ever. Willow Photographic uses the old darkroom techniques as well as new techniques such as, Lightroom and Photoshop so you know you can get the best Photographs at a reasonable price.

If you need any other information regarding pricing or other services then please do not hesitate to call Willow Photographic on 07473484609 or 07737179017 or click here to go to Willow Photographic’s website.

Joinery Services

Joinery services and local Joiners

Do you require joinery services to your property, or do you just want some new wooden fixtures? Perhaps you want a new bespoke external or internal door? Or maybe you just have initial ideas that you want to become a reality.

Professional joiners should be able to create or recreate anything in terms of wooden items, and if not exactly the same, they should be able to design something very similar.

The main services of a joiner are;

  • Joining pieces of wooden fixtures together, such as the inner piece of a door to its outer frame.
  • Designing and building new items of wooden furniture, such as wardrobes, cupboards, windows and staircases.
  • Carving and alterations on wooden items and furniture, to sort customer needs and expectations.

Joinery is wide and vast industry and covers many different types of skills; furniture and cabinet making, boat building experts, shop-fitters and installers through the use of wooden fittings, structural and beam (timber fittings), heavy wheelwrights, wood carving specialists and wood turners.

Joinery work is generally made bespoke and therefore it is built to suit your specific requirements; for your ideal size, shape and just to meet your intended design.

When choosing a professional joiner or carpenter, make sure you do thorough research into
the individual and the company they work for, and also companies they have worked for in the past. This research will show you whether or not, they have been blacklisted in the past for unsatisfactory work.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the customer service results of the Joiner are good, for example customer testimonials are a good indication of quality of finished work. This is because customer won’t lie, and therefore anything said will be more or less always trustworthy information.

Finally, when looking to employ a trades person, for joinery services at your property, qualifications such as City and Guilds for joinery and carpentry and CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), are excellent indications of people who will perform excellent work at your property.

Roof Doctor – Roofers Blackpool

Roofers in Blackpool

Roof Doctor Roofing specialists covering Blackpool and Preston.Roof Doctor roofers Blackpool have 22 years experience fitting and repairing rooftops in and around Blackpool. They are the professional roofers that you need to solve your property roof problems and enquires and have many satisfied customers for the work they have already performed.

The Roof Doctor’s workforce consists of highly skilled roofing experts, who offer you the customer a fast and efficient work ethic and will leave your property’s roof at the highest standard, in which you will be therefore be reassured that your property’s roof is fully secure and water tight.

The roofers Blackpool team at Roof Doctor offer you the customer, all of the following roofing services;

  • General Roofing Repairs – Any repair on your property’s roof, no matter how big or small.
  • Fascias & Soffits – The edging around your roof’s perimeter that leaves a professional and clean finish.
  • Flat Roofing – Projects on properties with flat roofs such as Garages and Schools.
  • Felt Roofs – Rooftops such as flat roofs can be finished off with specialist felt which gives you a neat and trouble free finish.
  • Rubber Roofs – Flat roofs can be finished off with excellent quality firestone rubber, giving the customer years of trouble-free roofing.
  • GRP Fibre Glass Roofs – Rooftops can be finished off with modern GRP Fibre glass roofing materials. These are easy to fit, very lightweight and extremely durable, reassuring the customer that they won’t experience any further roof problems to their property.
  • Dry Verge – These modern materials are designed to provide a mortar free and secure method of fixing concrete interlocking verge tiles, and due to its neat interlocking design leaves a consistent finished look.
  • Dry Ridge – Dry Ridge is used with existing tile and slate profiles and provides a continuous and uninterrupted ridge line. This will leave the customer’s roof weather tight and maintenance free.
  • Guttering – Blockage in your property’s gutters can cause serious damage, and if overlooked can result in expensive repair costs. The Roof Doctor team will clear any blockage from your existing guttering or if damaged beyond repair will replace with new, modern guttering.
  • Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds – Roof Doctor’s roofing specialists can repair and rebuild your chimney to a high quality standard and return it to being fully functional efficiently.
  • High Pressure Roof Cleaning – Through the use of state of the art cleaning equipment, the experts can bring your roof back to looking the original neat and clean colour it previously was.
  • Roof Coatings – Roof Doctor can use modern technology to place a protective coating over your roof after it has been cleaned.

Furthermore, the skilled workforce at Roof Doctor will never turn down a valid job/customer and no project is too big or small.

Finally, For a quote on any of the above roofing services or just an inquiry about roofers Blackpool, fill in the quote form via the website or contact the Roof Doctor directly today on 01253 530 771/0845 8622207.

Loss Adjusters and Claims Management Scotland

Do you live in Scotland and have suffered property damage? Do you now need to make an insurance claim after your property has become flooded or suffered fire damage, or has even been damaged by impact or in a storm? Perhaps you are dreading the prospect of making a claim, fearing a complicated process. If this is the case for you, then you need not worry about making an insurance claim all alone. Public Loss Adjusters Scotland can help you with every aspect of your claim.
PLA Scotland are a loss adjuster who works for the public – this means that while the insurers pay their fees, they work for your interests to gain your full entitlement in the claim. You may feel that a previous quote may be unreasonable, and so it is best to appoint Public Loss Adjusters Scotland for your insurance claims. With 21 branches throughout Scotland, you are guaranteed to gain a fast response time.

For More information about loss adjusters and insurance claims management in Scotland please visit:

They also offer reparation services, and are able to do this by partnering with expert contractors to repair your property as quickly as possible. Within four hours of your initial contact with Public Loss Adjusters Scotland, they will send their preferred contractors to your property to prevent any further damage from occurring, with specialist equipment designed for use in cleaning the aftermath of floods and fires.

Furthermore, all of their services are free when you allow them to employ their contractors to repair your property. This saves you the time and effort of looking for your own builder who may potentially be unable to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. With PLA Scotland, you are guaranteed to have a loss adjuster who is working for your interests, as well as gaining you your full entitlement so you can get your life back on track.

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

We are always hearing about cavity wall insulation problems, but do we know the actual purpose of a cavity wall? And what problems often occur with them? This article will give you an insight into what you need to know about cavity wall insulation problems.

A cavity wall consists of two separate walls that have been built within a close distance from each other with a space in between them. These walls can be constructed in brick or concrete, or from other materials. The space in between them allows the cavity wall to be efficient with insulation than a single-layered wall would be. The moisture that’s absorbed into the brickwork of the outer wall will drain through the space and out through the base of the wall. In order to be at its best, the space within the cavity wall must be sealed off where doors or windows are built into the wall.

You should ideally check that your cavity is clean before filling it with insulation. A reputable insulation company will do this for you as a matter of routine and give you an honest answer based on their findings. This is a quick and easy process of drilling some 15mm holes into the wall, placing a small camera into them and then seeing what the cavity is like.
With this in mind, it’s very common that cavity wall insulations often occur problems. This may include cold patches on external walls and internal damp problems, the growth of mould, damaged cavity wall insulation, and wet cavity insulation. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, you’re probably wonder why it’s happening.

Cold spots on external walls may be caused by some areas of the cavity wall that haven’t been correctly insulated. Internal damp problems may be caused by warm air condensing onto cold spots which haven’t been insulated properly. Mould growth could be caused by the damp reoccurring into the cavity wall. Damaged cavity wall insulation could be caused by flooding or other factors. If this is the case, it may be best to contact a cavity wall insulation company or service and they will be able to fix any problems you may have with your cavity wall insulation.


Try The PLA Alternative With Our Free Independent Loss Adjusters

When your home or business suffer from the effects of a fire or flood maybe it is time to call the insurance company to start the process of getting things back to normal. That is what the average person would do but now there is a much better alternative. With Independent loss adjusters you can now take control of your insurance claim or better still let us do it for you for free.

We Are Independent Loss Adjusters

Did you know that your insurance provider employ loss adjusters to assess any damage that may have been caused to your property? They will pay for these services to evaluate how much they need to pay out on the insurance claim.
The Loss adjuster is in their pockets! Now that is not right is it? How can you know that you are receiving the best entitlement when it is done this way?

Did you also know that loss adjusters working on behalf of your insurer are not regulated like a chartered loss adjuster has to be? Public Loss Adjusters are one of the only loss adjusting firms in the UK that do not take instructions from insurers. PLA work for you, aiming to get you a better settlement than what you would if you just let your insurer handle the claim themselves.

Most people do not pursue the route of hiring an independent loss adjusting company because they have to pay for it. PLA are different as they can offer their services to you at no cost. All they ask is that you allow them to appoint a building company to undertake any repair work.

By doing this they will ensure that all restoration work carried out is fully guaranteed for 2 years and completed by fully trained and competent tradesmen. The building companies that AMPM recommend are not just your average local builders, they deal with restoration work on a daily basis. This is also a service that does not cost you anything as it is down to the insurance company to pay for it.

AMPM are well known to have any damage to you property repaired in a fraction of the time it takes your insurer to deal with it.

Visit their website to learn more about The PLA Alternative or call their 24 hour helpline.

AMPM Public Loss Adjusters

Preston Antiques Dealer is a Little Gem

If you are looking to buy or sell items with historic importance there is dealer which we this is worth mentioning on our Blog. Berry interiors and designs are a Preston antiques dealer situated in the town of Longridge.

Berry’s Antiques in Preston specialises not only in buying and selling antiques but they are also experts when it comes to antique restoration and refurbishment. If you live in or around the Preston area and are in need of a local antique restoration specialist then Berry’s Antiques is the place to visit.

To ensure that restoration work is being competed to the highest standards, the human hand is the perfect tool to ensure the highest quality of work.
They also stock a wide range of antique furniture which is always of a very high quality and offer their products for sale at a very fair price.

Not only do they deal in the buying and selling of quality antiques, Berry’s also offer a wide range of other services too. For example many residents in Preston visit the shop because of their extensive knowledge about any items that are bought to them. So not only do they get an expert valuation of their prized family heirloom, they can also learn a bit of history about it too.

If you are thinking about creating some extra space or need a clear out in your property, Berry’s Antiques also offer house clearance services. They can do this on a full house or single room basis.

By visiting this Preston antiques dealer, you will discover a wide array of specialist antiques all under one roof. They are a very friendly local antiques shop whose staff are always happy to help. In fact you will find a treasure trove of items that will mesmerise you’re the minute you walk through the front door.

Whatever you are searching for come and visit this Preston antiques shop where you will find items including hand crafted accessories, furniture, period lighting, kitchenalia and many more items of interest.